I’ve worked with Chuck for over twenty years. Every session he has played on has been exceptional. In my opinion the best groove machine on the planet. The epitome of “Pocket”.
Peredur ap Gwynedd – London
Look no further, Chuck is your man! Great tone, great feel. Listened to feedback and not only acted on it but went above and beyond what was needed.
Aug 2017
Alan Hill – UK
Thanks for the great work. I love the feel and direction, and the sound quality is outstanding!
Brian Scharnitz – Florida
Word up chuck?
Derek – Jupiter
Chuck Sabo,
Is a pro-determined to get it right.
He gave me more than I asked for and was patient throughout.
I am a pro drummer with no time to do this, and I’m picky !
Very generous with his stem allocation and willingness to please.

He can “lay it down” like he means it and be polite in an email.. a very nice combination . Thank you Chuck !

ED V. – London
Chuck is a true professional and an amazing drummer. Everything is great when working with Chuck. Fast responses, great ideas, patient, and perfect drum tracks. I couldn’t ask for more. The best drummer you could ever ask for to be part of your music.
Mike Cook – USA
Chuck is a very professional musician! Fantastic drummer!Trust me ,if you have one song that need a Live drum,he must be the Best Choice!
Sept 2015
Bernard Z – China
Another great performance by Chuck on a complex, syncopated, old school motown tune 🙂 His composition was perfect for the song and the drum sound was amazing! Chuck is extremely professional to work with and I highly recommend him.
Aug 2015
Christian B
Chuck has been a pleasure to work with and an absolute gentleman from the word go! Happy to take on board our preferences, and willing to go the extra mile extremely quickly for us, we can’t rate him highly enough 🙂 looking forward to more songs with him in the near future!
Oct 2015
Donal Hill 7 Die de Lange
Yes, Chuck. The drums were recorded at your studio. Do you remember that session? You have the best drum sound in London! I’m very happy with the songs and I hope you have enjoyed them.
Felipe Amorim
Great job Chuck, one take…. just like me!
Elton John (In the studio, after recording ‘Circle Of Life’)
Dear Chuck, Thank you, Thank you! You’re the best!
Natalie Imbruglia
You’re the best!
Marcella Detroit
I first met Chuck when we played together in the Natalie Imbruglia band. He has always astounded me with his amazing groove and timing. Recently Chuck has been playing on my solo project and whatever he plays is always just right, which makes me feel very relaxed​!
​Great Drum sounds!!!
Neil Taylor (Session guitarist/solo artist)
He’s a pleasure to work with, a consummate professional and I’d recommend him to anyone.
David Nicholas aka Chippa (Producer, Mixer, Engineer at Rhinoceros Music) – Sydney, Australia
I’ve worked with Chuck on many occasions and thoroughly recommend him.
Professional, calm, great feel and usually nails it first take!
Chris Brown (Producer, Mixer, Engineer) – London, UK
Whatever the deadline, whatever the budget, Chuck always delivers. I’ve used him on albums, TV shows, ads- you name it- and he consistently brings that immaculate feel and magic to whatever I’m working on.
Kenny Dickenson (Session keyboardist) – London, UK
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chuck Sabo on a variety of projects, notably the Lion King Soundtrack with Sir Elton John.
Chuck is one of the most creative and amicable people I’ve ever recorded. He is a wonderful drummer, of course, but he brings a unique feel and some “Chuck only” elements to the track while being empathetic to the song and the ascetic of the artist.
Chuck listens and is very receptive to ideas and input. He gets stuff done quickly without any fuss or drama. If there was only one drummer I could choose for a variety of sessions and styles I would pick Chuck. And his kit sounds fantastic. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Paula Jones (Engineer at LiveWorkRecording) – Philadelphia, USA
A true artist, a very talented musician… He has everything that can touch and boost your music with all that modesty. From the first second to the last he delivered the project with great professionalism. He is a true magician and an upright man, after all… A true artist, a very talented musician… He has everything that can touch and boost your music with all that modesty. From the first second to the last he delivered the project with great professionalism. He is a true magician and an upright man, after all…
Onur S – Turkey
Meeting Chuck Sabo is the best thing that happened to our music. The consummate professional: helpful, dependable, uncomplicated. A great drummer, but even if you don’t need drums, hire him for his unparalleled contacts to the industry. Whatever instrument, player or style you need, Chuck will get you the best. Guaranteed.
Arnold H – Israel
Hi Chuck and Randy, hope you’re both well! Anna finally finished the first of those three songs you both worked on. Anna is super happy with it! Sounds Fantastic!!!
Aaron Graceman – Atlanta, USA
I can always count on you Chuck! You get it right first time and I never have to mess with the sounds!
John Innes – London, UK
Thank you for your very friendly manner, and your simple email instructions. But most of all what you did to my song!!
Sarah Jane – Nashville, USA
Chuck that was such a pleasure! I just dropped your files into my song and…….. MAGIC!!! Thank you!
Coco Roco – Tokyo, Japan