Online Sessions

You do not have to pay anything up front. Once you’re happy with what I’ve done, you can then pay me. Then I’ll send you all 10 separate drum tracks.

To book your session please use the booking form. Then I’ll call or email you to talk about what you would like done, the style, the sounds, the vibe, and the direction… At that point you’ll send me an mp3 mix of your song (without drums), via Dropbox or other large file transfer site.

Now I get to play on your song, and once I’m happy, I’ll send you an mp3 mix of your song with my drums.
We’ll then talk about any changes you might want, and carry on from there… depending on your option choice.

Skype Option

When I get your details I’ll call or email you to book the time and day of our session. We’ll also talk about what you would like done, the style, the sounds, the vibe, and the direction…
Then I’ll see you at the session.
You’ll be in the control room, facing the live room where you can watch me recording the drums. You’ll be there for real interaction, so we can enjoy hanging out, and get a lot of work done!


In addition to receiving all 10 individual drum tracks, you can also have a stereo mix of the drums with my EQ and effects for $15.
You can add live tambourine, shaker, congas, bongos or other percussion for $40 per instrument.

Book your session now!

“Big Sound” Studio

Chuck Sabo Control Room

Control Room

  • Allen & Heath GL2400 recording console
  • Urei LA4 compressor/limiter
  • Focusrite microphone pre-amplifier
  • Studio Spares valve pre-amplifier
  • Apple Mac Pro – running OSX Mavericks
  • Pro Tools 10 & 11
  • Logic Pro 9
  • Digi 003 audio interface
  • M-Audio interface
  • Genelec near field monitors
  • KRK Rokit 5 monitors
  • Canford Audio monitors
Chuck Sabo Live Room

Live Room

  • Yamaha Maple Custom drums w/Coated Ambassador Remo heads
  • Assortment of Zildjian cymbals
  • Assortment of percussion


  • Neumann TLM 103
  • Neumann KM184 Pair
  • SE 2200T
  • AKG D-12
  • AKG 414 Pair
  • Sure 58s & 57s
  • Sure 89s
  • MWL
  • Assortment of ever changing others!

Some Recent Sessions at “Big Sound”